You Lying Mother Facters!

There are Fun Facts.  Then there’s having “fun” with the facts (i.e. lying or alternative facts).

These last few days, the House of horro-Rs have been using IOWA as an example for why ACA is in a “death spiral” or going to “fall under its own weight”.  There are many reasons why ACA is struggling and some of them are due to Republicans successfully undermining and derailing it.

The Republicans and the Insurance Companies are playing a game with people’s lives.

I’m no policy wonk like Paul Ryan (sigh)… here are some examples that I know of:

  1. Morco Rubio’s ACA Poison Pill in 2015.
  2. Branstad’s decision (Iowa) to privatize Medicaid to for-profit organizations.
  3. Sometimes insurance companies may just be pulling-out of the market due to greed – then lie about why they actually did so (i.e Aetna retaliating against Obama’s attempt to block their proposed multi-billion dollar merge with Humana).  If insurers pull-out of the market, ACA fails.  Then they will make more money off of a Republican replacement (i.e. reduce their taxes and allow them to deny sick people and people with pre-existing conditions).  So right now, it might be good business for insurance companies to pull-out of the market and blame the ACA.
  4. Trump halting ACA advertising that encouraged new people to enroll in ACA before the deadline.
  5. Trump essentially telling the IRS they don’t have to enforce the ACA insurance mandate, which funds the ACA.
  6. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the market due to the Republican takeover and their dumpster fire ideas for replacement.  Right now insurance companies should be providing their plan information for next year, it’s tough to do that with so much unknown.

I think some of these are good talking points at town hall meetings. All three of the Iowa House Republican’s lied to their constituents and voted for the ACA repeal and replace bill.  The energy and the outrage in the Iowa Indivisible Group is intense right now.  The 2016 election ignited a fire under the ass of many sleeping Iowa Democrats.  This bill is kerosene. Every day that the horrific details of this bill are re-hashed in the media – it’s more fuel for the flames.  Our fire is strengthening through organization, reaching higher through activism, and spreading through outreach.  Iowan Republicans are going to get burned in 2018.

On Tuesday, May 9,
District 1 House Republican Rod Blum is having a Town Hall “Meeting”.
You must register in advance.

And, you must have an ID card to get inside
And the site says: District 2, 3, and 4

long-haired freaky people need not apply –
 And Signs, Signs, nowhere will they allow Signs –
fuckin up his scenery, breakin his mind.

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