‘Tis but a…

To balance out the depressing firehose of shit that’s spewing out of the current White House, I often disengage and watch new and old shows/movies that will, or have previously, made me laugh.  As you’ve probably gathered from some of my previous blogs (Defcon and Dangle), I like to pull images/Gifs into my blogs and somehow tie it together with what I’m blogging about.  I recently re-watched one of my favorites, Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.  While watching it, I couldn’t help but make a connection between the Knights of the Round Table’s quest for the Holy Grail and the Democrats quest for the Hell No votes on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination.

The Issues:

Brett Kavanaugh was one of the many judges
on the Federalist Society’s wish list, which is a conservative organization that promotes conservative “values” and judicial “restraint”.  Judicial restraint includes limiting the law and the court’s role in the realm of social policy and politics such as abortion rights and civil rights (i.e. gay, minority, and women rights).

Democrats and liberal groups are closely reviewing the decisions/statements that he’s made on social issues.  Democrats have reason to be concerned…  For example, in a speech last September to the American Enterprise Institute, Kavanaugh was praising his judicial hero William Rehnquist and noted Rehnquist’s Roe V Wade dissent – saying that Rehnquist was “not successful
in convincing a majority of the justices in the context of abortion.”

The Math:

Democrats need to get all the 49 D votes +2 R votes = 51 (Note: if John McCain (R-AZ) is unable to vote due to his brain cancer, Mike Pence is the deciding vote in the case of a tie)

All Democrats in the Senate must vote Hell No.  This is going to be a tough decision for the Senate Democrats who are up for re-election in Red States.  The fear is they will be ferociously attacked by their opponents if they don’t vote for Kavanaugh and lose their election.

At minimum, two Republican Senators must vote
Hell No.  Two of the Republicans that Dems are targeting is Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) who are both pro-choice.

The Confirmation Hearing
The D Senators in Red States and the two
pro-choice R Senators will be watched closely in the
hearing and their questions will be scrutinized.  So too will Kavanaugh’s responses to the questions…

Kavanaugh could present these senators with a Trojan Rabbit and provide responses
that are vague enough to appease them, he could
also indicate that he generally believes and will
follow stare decisis (legal principle of determining
points in litigation according to precedent), and
he could refuse to answer hypothetical questions,
which has been done by both conservative and
liberal Supreme Court nominees.

The Confirmation Votes:
In the end, their valient coconut galloping
search for the Hell No will probably be all for
naught…  As each Hell Yes vote is counted from the vulnerable Red State Dems and from the Pro-Choice female Repubs, we will watch the Dems bleed-out one Yes cut at a time…


The Confirmation Voting SCENE:

(King Arthur cuts off one of Black Knight’s arms)
Black Knight: “‘Tis but a scratch”

(King Arthur cuts off Black Knight’s other arm)
King Arthur: “Look you stupid bastard – you’ve got no arms left”.
Black Knight: “…just a flesh wound”


 (King Arthur cuts off one of Black Knight’s leg)
Black Knight: “Right, I’ll do you for that… Come Here”
King Arthur: “What are you going to do bleed on me?”

(King Arthur cuts off Black Knight’s other leg and coconut gallops away)
Black Knight: “Come back here and take what’s
coming to you!  I’ll bite your legs off!


Here’s the Clip:

Fun Fact? I’m one of the few who think that The Holy Grail is better than The Life of Brian!