the Rock Ridge Usurper…

“He rode a blazing saddle…
he conquered fear and he conquered hate…
he made his blazing saddle
a torch to light the way…
and Bart was his name…”


Note: Much like the anachronisms (era chronological inconsistencies) in Blazing Saddles (i.e. a reference to ABC’s Wide Wide World of Sports in the 1874-based movie), there are sequence inconsistencies in the movie compared to this blog (Gov. Le Petomane then Sheriff Bart in the movie vs. Sheriff Bart then Gov. Le Petomane in this blog).

Bart, the new sheriff in town, arrived in Rock Ridge to much fanfare!  Sheriff Bart’s mission was to save the town from a collapsing economy and make Rock Ridge a better and safer place to live.  But that’s not how the Rock Ridge townspeople saw things… to them, this man was an outsider and they wanted him gone.

While Sheriffing at Rock Ridge, Bart tried very hard to get to know the people…  but they weren’t having it.  Bart’s efforts were useless, they were not going to welcome someone who was not from the Common Clay of the new West.

Despite the townspeople’s blatant hatred towards Bart, he was able to make at least one friend, Jim (the Waco Kid), who was the town’s drunk and also a speedy, sharp-shooter.  Jim consoled Bart
about his difficulties, while also highlighting the reality of the townspeople – Jim rhetorically asked Bart… “What did you expect? Welcome Sonny? Make yourself at home? Marry my daughter?”

Bart told Jim about his mission to improve
the lives of Rock Ridge residents.  Together, Bart and Jim plotted ways to make life easier and better for the townspeople.  One idea was to make sure that everyone had access to affordable and quality healthcare.  They called their plan – the Awesome Care Act (ACA).

Some of the citizens thought this was a devious scheme to try and “socialize” healthcare.  The Rock Ridge resident’s hated change and they decided to call the new program “Bartcare”.  Some people
in Rock Ridge organized and revolted against Sheriff Bart.

The newly formed anti-B Party started taking shots at Sheriff Bart’s  plan to “socialize” medicine.  But Jim had Bart’s back.  The anti-B Party was ruthless, calling Bart a dictator, a socialist, a freedom wrecker, an appeaser of enemies, a Muslim, and it was aghast at Bart’s audacity to wear a tan uniform !!!!

The loudest anti-Bart screaming came from the dirtwaves at Lamarr Organization X (LOX) “News”, especially from Gen. Hedley.  The LOX “News” Squawk Box screeched-on about Bart’s
anti-RockRidgean policies to anyone that
would listen.  The LOX  “News” goons circled the isolated townspeople of Rock Ridge and roped them in with their horseshit. LOX “News” made sure to brainwash the townspeople that, in addition to being black, Sheriff Bart was unpatriotic and the enemy of the people…  If Sheriff Bart was not stopped – he would Usurp Rock Ridge! 

But Bart and Jim were not distracted by all of the stupid squawk.  They knew that the ACA would help people of Rock Ridge get access to the quality healthcare that they deserved.  Bart and Jim also had a secret weapon to help them move their cause along… and that was Mongo.  The townspeople hated Mongo, but Mongo was a fighter and by beating down the haters… got the votes needed to pass the ACA.

At last, a little over a year into Bart’s role as Rock Ridge’s Sheriff, the ACA became law. It was a huge achievement –  and everyone knew it.

During the celebration of the passing of the ACA,
Jim gaffed again, and was caught on a hot microphone while whispering into Bart’s ear – that…

“This is a big fucking deal.”


Sadly, after eight years as Sheriff, Bart left Rock Ridge.  He went on a joy ride off into the sunset and pursued – well – something?


… and then
Governor Le Petomane
took over.


Le Petomane hated Bart and he badly and bigly wanted to undo everything that Bart had worked hard for.  He also teamed-up with LOX’s Gen. Hedley and the boobs at LOX-N-Friends to help spew-out Le Petomane’s  fear-mongering, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and white nationalist messages to the White, god-fearing citizens of Rock Ridge.

Ultimately, the people of Rock Ridge got
the shit kicked-out of them by Le Petomane’s policies, including sabatoging the ACA, which resulted in the cruel fact that many of the elderly and poor townspeople lost their healthcare.


In the end, Le Petomane’s policies turned their town “into shit…”

For those few who have never watched Blazing Saddles, it is a 1973 film that was produced by Mel Brooks that satirizes racism.  As Mel Brooks himself says “the engine that drove Blazing Saddles was hatred…”  The movie smashes racism in the face and while doing it…  you laugh.  Blazing Saddles was ground-breaking and wind-breaking (ugghh, I had to).  It’s ranked No. 6 on American Film Institute’s 100 Years… 100 laughs list.  I’m not sure that this movie could be made today, but I think everyone needs to watch it because – sadly, for some people – horseshit racism still stinks true today.