“The Dude” abides…

“The Dude”…
The Porn Star –
named Bunny

President Mango Mussolini has surrounded himself with a cast
of interesting characters!

“The Dude”…
The Big Lebowski –
Tying it All Together



“The Dude” ………Michael Cohen


Walter ………………David Pecker


Donny ………..Allen Weisselberg


The Big Lebowski ………..The Raw-Dog Porn Star Porker


…A non-Cohen “Yes Man”


The Porn Star named Bunny 
..A Porn Star and A Bunny


Maude …..Putin and Russia’s Money


Act I: “The Dude” abides…
The Big Lebowski –
Goes Balls Deep


The Big Lebowski and his “Yes Man”,
Brandt, hire “The Dude” to
go find his Porn Star wife, Bunny, who’s been kidnapped for a $1 million ransom.  The Big Lebowski gives “The Dude” the million dollars in a bag to give to the kidnappers.

“The Dude” meets-up with his friends, Walter and Donny, and tells them they need to drop everything and help him get the ransom money to the kidnappers so The Big Lebowski can “get” the Porn Star name Bunny.
At first Walter’s not wanting to have any involvement with Grifting Nihilists…
but then Walter gets an idea!

Walter comes-up with a devious scheme –
“catch” anyone who has knowledge-of, or has-had, extra-marital sex with The Big Lebowski and “kill” any chances of  their story being told.  They “Cop a Deal” to not talk about “Cop a Feel”. (I’m stretching it more than usual
in this paragraph)

BUT THEN… “The Dude” ends-up having a close encounter with Maude, The Big Lebowski’s daughter, and finds out that The Big Lebowski is actually broke. The Big Lebowski gets all of his money from his first wife’s Foundation,
which Maude is in charge of.
Maude gives The Big Lebowski a monthly allowance from The Foundation, which also gave him the million dollars for the kidnapping ransom.


Act II: “The Dude”…
Oh Shit

Law Enforcement starts getting
involved in the case of the missing
Porn Star named Bunny.  Law Enforcement knows that “The Dude” has information.  They find “The Dude” and start seeking  answers…  that’s when things start getting a little rough for “The Dude”.


Act III: “The Dude” abides…
Law Enforcement –
The Art of the Plea Deal

Shortly after the interrogation,
“The Dude” has a Come-to-Jesus moment and realizes that The Big Lebowski is only looking out for The Big Lebowski.  The Big Lebowski doesn’t give a shit about the Porn Star named Bunny. The Big Lebowski doesn’t give a shit about “The Dude”.  The only thing The Big Lebowski cares about is money
and The Big Lebowski!

No longer abiding to The Big Lebowski and, instead, abiding to Law Enforcement – “The Dude” is free to go on with life.  With The Big Lebowski in their rear-view mirror, “The Dude”, Walter, and Donny don’t have to be worried about shit.  Life goes on man…

As for The Big Lebowski…
he’s still –
in seclusion in the West Wing!

Disclaimer: There is absolutely no personal character similarities between “The Dude” and Michael Cohen, between Walter and David Pecker, between Donny and Allen Weisselberg.  The purpose of the blog was to show that there are three guys – involved in a scenario that includes: a rich egomaniac, a lot of money, a Porn Star, and a Bunny, that came together out of friendship and/or necessity. The only similarities between the three characters in the The Big Lebowski movie and the three characters sucked into The Raw-Dog Porn Star Porker’s extra-marital affair’s is this… in the end, they cut ties to their Actually-Poor-Narcissistic Leader to save their own asses!

Note: In the end, The Porn Star named Bunny
gets her revenge on The Big Lebowski!