The Dems’ Mickey

Robert S. Mueller III is the Dems’ Mickey in the Fight for Justice

Round 1
After the release of Barr’s “Summary” of the Mueller Report, it really seemed like
The Don and The Con’s had delivered a knockout punch and that The Dems had just been…

However, after assessing Barr’s Redacted Mueller Report – it is clear that Mueller is a master fighter. He has assessed the enemy and laid out a clear winning strategy to ensure that justice prevails!

Round 2
Election Interference:
The Don,
and The Con’s

Conclusion: Meetings were had and back channels set-up with Russian cut-outs without so much as Googling their names. They also lied about their contacts and deflected to protect Russians from criticism. Their actions, in general, that of a bunch of inept mobster wannabes.

Round 3
Obstruction of Justice:
Firings and
Attempts to

Conclusion: The Don tried to cut the hands off of the Mueller Investigation by firing or trying to fire several people, by pressuring witnesses to lie, and by offering pardons to remain silent.

The Don definitely Obstructed Justice and it would have been much worse if The Cons had followed many of his “crazy shit” requests. Instead, they ignored his “demands”, essentially telling The Don to –

Round 4
Investigation Referrals:
Mueller sent
14 cases
to outside
prosecutorial entities

Mueller found evidence of crimes that were outside of his mandate to investigate Russia Interference and Obstruction. He has sought help in the search for truth and the Fight for Justice.

Round 5
Backed into a Corner:
Since Mueller can’t Indict a sitting President,
he tells Congress to
do their job

The Dems can argue about the semantics on how to move forward (investigation vs impeachment hearings) but Mueller’s Report was clear – Congress must do their Constitutional Duty and investigate.

No one knows how much longer this fight will last…
eventually, some will win and
some will be PROPER “I’M FUCKED”!