Shit from Shinola…

On the one year anniversary of the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville, I’ve decided to make this blog very personal and talk about my white privilege.  For a long time, I really didn’t understand the term “white privilege”.  I thought to myself, I’m white, I wasn’t born rich or privileged? Then someone said something to me that changed everything…

One day, one of my friends asked me – “Traci, how often do you realize that you are white?”  I looked at him, confused – I didn’t understand the question ??…
He looked at me and said
that he realizes that he is

That’s when it hit me… I have the luxury and the privilege of not having to think about (realize) that I am white.  I don’t have to notice or worry about that “look”, that head-turn, or that hesitant-pause from strangers when I drive to work, walk into a store, apply for a job, etc….
I realized that white privilege has nothing to do with income and everything to do with day-to-day – open racism, closeted racism, and systemic racism.

That friend is now my husband and we have two beautiful brown boys.  When we’re around people that we don’t know, I have a heightened sense of awareness – how they look at us – their movements – their reaction to the sight of us.  We don’t get it that often –that glare-stare but – we know it when we see it – that person is racist! – that person hates us! – what do we do now?.
When I’m by myself – I don’t watch how strangers react to my whiteness –
THAT’s white privilege.

Our racist president has emboldened  bigotry… build the wall…  keep brown people from “shit-hole countries” out of our white nation… NFL players are “son’s-of-bitches”… “there was blame on both sides”…  The bigoted blustering blowhards at Fox News are using BROWN immigration as a platform for their fear-mongering and racist white “cultural identity” war… roll the ugliness…

Don’t trust whitey!

The next day, Laura did some cat juggling and tossed-up some bullshit about what she really meant and said her comments weren’t meant to be racist.  Good Lord Laura, even former KKK leader David Duke knew what you meant and tweeted out your racist shit-show.

Guess what Laura –
I hate to foist this  on you but…
there’s nothing you can fucking do about the browning of America.  Census projections are that White people will be a minority around 2045.

Oh – the horror!!
Us White people are being marginalized!
White oppression!!

What will us white people do?
What’s going to happen to us?
Will us Whitey’s survive?


America is not a RACE – it’s an IDEA.

It’s a beautiful multicultural melting pot.  I’m not afraid that once our brown boys find their “special purpose” that they will have black/brown/yellow/pink/purple kiddos (not orange though)…  If the un-whitening of America does scare you or somehow “threatens” your identity, there are things that you can do:

1) you can live out the rest of your life –
as a miserable, scared, angry bigot;


2) you can grab your shit and leave – maybe move to lily-white Russia where you can bask in the glory and “superiority” of your whiteness;


3) or you can “see a doctor and get rid of it”… get over your “cultural identity” war, get with the times, embrace change and diversity, and live happily ever after.



You see that… that White Supremacist over there on that side –
that’s shit

You see that… that not a White Supremacist on that other side –
that’s shinola
There are not VERY FINE people on both sides – there’s shit or there’s shinola!