Schrodinger’s Cat: Is a thought experiment devised by physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935 to present a scenario to describe quantum superposition.  In the example, essentially, there is a cat in a box with poison in a flask. If the flask does not break the cat lives, if the flask breaks the cat dies.  With the box closed, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead.  When you open the box the reality is that the cat is either alive or dead..                                                          Alive or Dead?

Schrodinger’s Pussy: Is my philosexual thought experiment regarding the Democrats’ and the Righteous Republicans’ paradoxical responses to Bill Clinton’s sexual behaviors and to Trump’s sexual behaviors. Can Democrats simultaneously condemn Trump’s sexual behavior and ignore Bill Clinton’s behavior?  Can Righteous Republicans simultaneously “excoriate” Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior and give Trump a “mulligan” for his?

Let’s open the box and expose reality.
Note: I make some broad categorizations (Not all Republicans are religious zealots – but all religious zealots are Republicans).

The Arguments: Alive or Dead?

1. Extramarital sex
The Dems don’t condone infidelity.  However, in general, Dems think any type of consensual sexual behavior in the bedroom is none of the government business (can’t discriminate against someone because of their sexual preferences) so the argument that extramarital affairs aren’t that big of a deal…                                            Cat’s Alive – and a bit itchy

Righteous Republicans
Comparing themselves to the heathen Democrats – the Republican party, in particular the Evangelicals, are the party of “family values” and Republican lawmakers want to insert their religious beliefs into policies and legislation (preach abstinence in schools, anti-porn, anti-contraception, homosexuality is a sin, and marriage is only between a man and a woman). Republican policies and legislation are absurdly obsessed with controlling sexual behavior.  For example, just after 17 students were killed by a teenage boy who legally purchased an assault rifle, Florida Republican legislators refused to take-up any measures on assault weapons but on the same day declared porn to be a public health risk.  A few late night comedians did an excellent job of shining light on this ludicrousness:
Trevor Noah –they’re worried about the wrong kind of mass shooting!
Stephen Colbert (while imitating a parent knocking on his teenage sons bedroom door)  – knock, knock – what are you doing – you had better be buying an assault rifle.
With their continued support of Trump, the Righteous Repubs’ tongue-lashing of someone’s extramarital affairs …

 Cat’s Dead– died from the broken glass of self-righteous indignation,
releasing the poison of hypocrisy

2. Sexual Assault/Misconduct
Supporting someone who has been accused of sexual assault/misconduct is problematic. However, Democrats do have a history of policies and legislation that empower women (laws against sex discrimination; and laws promoting equal pay, and anti- domestic violence/sexual assault)…               Cat’s Alive – but it’s a Snatch 22 so the cat is trying to hide

Righteous Republicans
While I don’t think Republicans condone violence against women, their policies don’t seem to be too concerned about women’s safety.  Republican lawmakers have gone out of their way to undermine, gut,or eliminate organizations/programs/laws that protect women from sexual assault/misconduct, domestic violence, and equal pay).  Christian views of men as superior over women might be part of the lackluster attempts to provide or support legislative polices that protect women…
                                                  Cat’s Alive – and sleeping

Twenty years ago, Republicans went after Bill Clinton for a real estate investment (Whitewater) – that went limp and it devolved into a sexual scandal…
                                                      – And they impeached him for what “is” is...

Would the Man Peach be impeached for lying under oath about his extramarital affairs with a Porn Star and a Playboy Bunny, possibly. It might also be because of his pay-offs to the women and the defamation of character lawsuit from the Apprentice, Summer Zervos, that will take him down. Well – these women and Mueller….

Based on the arguments above it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Righteous Republicans disregard Trump’s sexist and misogynistic actions and comments and support him  However, it does seem that the Republicans are doing some serious “family values” mental gymnastics to support the philandering, thrice married – Donald Trump.  And now as the story of the Porn Star, the Playboy, and the Apprentice unfold…. they continue to abandon their virtuous moral high-ground in their continued support of The Donald…                                                       So… Many… Mulligans

This Sunday night, a box with a cat it in it will be opened – and that pussy is going to purr…..


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