Razor’s Edge

I’ve been thinking about the #MeToo movement a lot. I think the movement is wonderful and it is long overdue. However, I worry about society overcorrecting. There are extreme forms of sexual harassment and fifty shades of grey in between.  Therefore, the punishment is not one size fits all.

I’ve been reflecting on my past and whether I’ve been sexually harassed.  I’m sure some of the back-and-forth banter that has occurred between myself and many of my male friends could fall under the auspices of sexual harassment.  I can also see how something that wasn’t offensive to me could be offensive to someone else.   There’s not always a clear distinction about when the line has been crossed – yet a woman knows the instant it is.

So what is sexual harassment?  I really think it comes down to power. Esther Perel author of “The State of Affairs”, recently said in an interview that sex and power are inter-connected:

There is power in sex,
and sex can be powerful.
The distinction is
power to versus
power over

Hanlon’s Razor (one of many variations of Occam’s Razor) summarizes the way I feel about sexual harassment, which says “Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.” For example, is the action part of a broader Axis of Dick power over behavior or is the action just dickish?

While Trump is definitely guilty of using his power to take advantage of women, his sexist slut-shaming tweet about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand willing to do “anything” for donations was just the Mango Mussolini being a dick.  For some reason, when powerful women stand-up to him – he has total potal meltdowns.  Who knows, Trump’s early morning Gillibrand twitter tantrum might have motivated thousands of more women to go vote that same day for the Democrat, Doug Jones, in the Alabama Senate Race giving Democrats a razor-thin majority of votes and a big fat VICTORY.   Last night black women voters in Alabama performed a miracle – they had the power to part the red sea!

Thank you black women, thank you to brave women that told their story about Roy Moore, and thank you #MeToo movement…  women are not going to allow the current Phallus Quo to continue.

Roll Tide