Pop Up Clinics

Follow-up: Joni Ernst Dance Parties
We need to give her credit for “showing up” at town hall meetings in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines – who knew she had such fancy dance moves.

At the meeting in Cedar Rapids, I sat next to an elderly man who had his #MAGA cap on his lap.  He said he thought it was best that he didn’t wear it. We talked to each other throughout, discussing our disparate worlds of thought.  It was truly wonderful.  When it came to “defunding” Planned Parenthood, I leaned over and told him that there is a law that makes sure no federal dollars go to abortions.  He looked at me with a stunned face, and said “Then why are they defunding it?”  I said, “Exactly”.

At the meeting, Ernst made it clear that she will vote to “defund” Planned Parenthood.  By doing so, she is OK with increasing our state budget by 3 million because the proposed Republican state family planning program that will be implemented costs 10 times as much for the same service (how is that being a fiscal conservative?).  She also indicated that there are enough Federally Qualified Health Centers (FHQC) that can handle the thousands of Iowa Medicaid patients who get their health care at PP.

I’m working on creating a comprehensive list of these FHQC clinics.  Here’s what I’ve found so far.  The University of Iowa Public Policy Center 2013 Report lists 14 FHQCs (some with multiple clinics). Another FQHC list has 51 clinics. Then there’s the list with the dentist office and homeless shelter on it.  There’s also a pro-life group list with  157 Rural Health Clinics. Why did the pro-life list exclude urban centers where, as the UI report indicates, “defunding” planned parenthood will impact women the most?  According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy the following Iowa counties would become contraceptive deserts without PP: Black Hawk, Des Moines, Johnson, Lee, Pattawattamie, Story and Woodbury.

How are we going to fill the void of Planned Parenthood?
Our HHS Secretary says that new clinics will POP UP!
What do women do before the popping starts?


Joni Ernst in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines on March 17:
As pointed out by IowaStartingline.com, she’s visiting two college campuses in the most populous and democratic Iowa counties on St. Patrick’s Day – this may be intentionally designed to encourage loud, rowdy crowds, which may benefit her with some voters – don’t play into her hand.

Possibly because she thinks it will rally her base (i.e. conservative media exploding with “creative” messages – look at those liberal “snowflakes” having a meltdown…melting, melting).

Let’s send them another “creative” message
Winter is Coming.
Then let’s head to the SaPaDaPaSo Parade
starting at 1:00 (Cedar Rapids)

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