Plato’s Cave

If you don’t think there’s any connection between the Trump administration and the Russians, you must be living in a cave or watching Fox News…

I watch several news organizations, including Fox News, on a daily basis. When it comes to Russia, Fox either doesn’t cover the story, glosses over it, or spins it – all to favor TweetleDumb. Then they steer their verbal napalm to another topic…Release the Memo, FISA abuses, the Deep State/Secret Societies, the Clinton’s murdered a Clinton campaign aide, blah, blah, blah… (Note: Shep Smith on Fox is pretty fair – watch him beautifully trash the Uranium One “scandal” that his own networks keeps spitting out nonstop #FreeShepFromFox)

Fox News watchers are the prisoners in the Allegory of Plato’s cave. In the allegory, there are  prisoners in a cave who have been chained all of their lives and are forced to stare at a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality.

In a sense, Fox viewers are “forced” to watch Fox News because it’s the only station that tells them what they want to hear. All the other “MSM” stations are “biased” and can’t be believed. Well Fox News viewers, I hate to piss on your bliss – but your reality is distorted by Fox’s word vomit and you are just watching shadows in a cave.  When it comes to Russia – there’s a there there!

But there is hope – you can escape your bondage, leave the cave, and walk out into the light. Now the sun will be blinding and painful at first and you will be confused. Your eyes will gradually adjust to the glaring reality that: 1) the Russians meddled in our election and mostly in favor of Trump, 2) the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, 3) the Trump administration tried to obstruct justice in the Mueller investigation, and 4) there is whole lot of Trump/Kushner money laundering going on.

After adjusting to the light and knowledge of the truth about Russia, you might pity those that are still trapped in the cave and want to try to save them. Take it from those of us that have been living in the real world regarding TRussia, DO NOT TRY THIS! You would be blinded by the darkness the second you re-enter the rabbit hole, oops- I mean cave. If you go in and try to describe the real world – they won’t believe you. How do you describe and educate the Fox News viewer about three dimensions when they’ve only seen one-dimensional images on cave walls? The cave prisoners will retreat further and they may even try to kill you if you try to pull them out. But it is the Fox News viewer that is in danger – Fox News is boiling the frog.

Just be glad you escaped the darkness, you can now see the multidimensional nature of the Russia story, AND you can actually go back to watching Fox News- but this time for amusement, like I do.

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