Pelosi’s Eagle 5


in a galaxy very, very, very,
very, far away there lived
a ruthless race of beings
known as…  Repuballs.

Chapter 2018

The Repuballs’ enemies,
Nancy Pelosi and the Dems,
are shocked and horrified by
the actions of the evil Repuballs.

For two years
the Dems have been at war
with the Repuballs
and their blowhard leader,
Dark Helmet.

Then one day,
the Dems win a major battle called Operation Winnebago,  resulting in Dems taking back control of a powerful spaceship… Eagle 5.

Nancy Pelosi and her former
fellow Winnebago Dems
prepare to take possession of
their House again.
Unbeknownst to no one
but knownst to us,
Nancy Pelosi has some competition
for her rightful position as
Captain of Eagle 5.

There is a new group of Dems,  Newbies, who are preparing to board Eagle 5 for the first time.
The Newbies are a young and diverse group of untested warriors who will be joining the fight against the Repuballs and Dark Helmet.

The seasoned Dem warriors and the Newbies can’t agree on who should lead them into battle. Eventually, the Newbies realize the seriousness of the situation and agree to put battle-tested Pelosi in charge.

Chapter 2019

Captain Pelosi (again) takes
over the wheel of Eagle 5 –
whipping a shitty
and steering HER HOUSE
back in the right direction.  Captain Pelosi also has a secret weapon…
The Subpoena.

The power of The Subpoena is as big as anything that Dark Helmet has.  It uncovers Helmet’s lies and corruption by forcing him to release information and possibly to testify under oath.

Dark Helmet’s efforts
to fight Captain Pelosi
and her newly-gained
Eagle 5 power of The Subpoena
are hilariously futile.

In the end,
the Dems winning
back Eagle 5
has the Repuballs
and Dark Helmet flying
on a crash course
towards their



20/20 VISION