Iowa’s Extreme 16 The voters have spoken and Iowa’s Extreme 16 has been chosen.

  1. Steve King: the top vote-getter by far, Congressman King has repeatedly embarrassed himself and Iowans with bigoted comments.
  2. Jason Schultz: a surprising upset with the number 2 seed, Senator Schultz earned infamy by leading the effort to strip away collective bargaining rights from public workers, and admitted to convening a secret committee on the legislation.
  3. Terry Branstad: the lifetime achievement award for extreme governing should be awarded to Gov. Branstad, who has made a career out of distributing tax breaks to every corporation who wants one at the expense of workers, schools, and public services for everyday Iowans.
  4. Kim Reynolds: in addition to working alongside Gov. Branstad and pursuing the same agenda, many Iowans recall Reynolds calling President Trump’s sexual assault charges “clutter” that needs to be pushed aside. 
  5. Chuck Grassley: his swift transition from blocking President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to rolling out the red carpet for President Trump’s nominee was one of many reasons Iowans gave for nominating Grassley.
  6. Mark Chelgren: the State Senator from so-called “Sizzler University” has been at the forefront of the attacks on workers this legislative session.
  7. Ken Rizer: this State Representative was the lead proponent of the Voter ID legislation that will suppress voter turnout across the state, and has earned a reputation for avoiding legislative forums attended by his constituents, or only attending those with friendly audiences.
  8. Rod Blum: this Congressman has refused to hold public town hall meetings with constituents, as many of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle have done.
  9. Amy Sinclair: nominated for leading the charge to defund women’s health clinics, and for suggesting on the floor of the Senate that a fellow Senator could have been aborted.
  10. Steven Holt: in addition to being one of the key legislators pushing for the bill gutting collective bargaining, Representative Holt misrepresented the input he was receiving from constituents, including local educators.
  11. David Young: Young has earned a reputation for flip-flopping, first on the floor of the House when voting on LGBTQ rights, and then in a matter of days on whether President Trump should release his tax returns.
  12. Dave Deyoe: the State Representative who ran legislation through the House to gut collective bargaining rights for more than 180,000 public workers across the state.
  13. Mark Costello: this Senator led the fight to restrict reproductive health care for women, injecting the government into what should be private medical decisions.
  14. Peter Cownie: nominated for drafting the original bill to gut workers compensation in Iowa, including an unconstitutional provision discriminating against older Iowans.
  15. Jake Chapman: has vigorously supported the government making medical decisions for women, as well as allowing weapons on college campuses.
  16. Jarad Klein: the Representative who wrote the legislation breaking up Des Moines Water Works and targeting Bill Stowe for protecting clean drinking water and trying to prevent Iowa from becoming the next Flint, Michigan.

First four out: Joni Ernst, Christine Hensley, Linda Upmeyer, Bill Dix

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