Women V Iowa

Iowa Republicans have successfully passed a “Personhood” Bill out of the Senate, which essentially bans abortion (around six weeks – a women might not even know she’s pregnant) and punishes doctors who perform them.  While similar “fetal heartbeat” bills are introduced every year by Republicans in many states, in Iowa they haven’t moved out of committee (see my previous blogs, Masturbatory Emissions and Sepsis and Sluts, to see some of the ridiculous language in these bills).  However, this year SF3143 is gaining momentum.  I think this is because the R’s see the writing on the 2018 Midterm Election wall so they’re throwing these legally-limp noodles at the current wall – hoping these ballsy bills stick before their current control of congress slips out of their hands.

Are the Republicans supporting these bills really “pro-life” or are they just trying to win the support of the single-issue abortion voters?  For instance,“pro-life” Congressman Murphy, sure wasn’t “pro-life” when he told his pregnant mistress to get an abortion….

As a woman, who is pro-choice, I’m very upset about the passing of the “Personhood” Bill out of committee, however I’m even more upset as an Iowa taxpayer. The bill is unconstitutional (1973 – Roe V Wade) and if it passes into law it will be a LEGAL NIGHTMARE for the State and Iowan’s taxpayer dollars will be paying for it.  North Dakota wasted nearly half a million dollars of taxpayer money on a similar “fetal heartbeat” bill that they knew the Supreme Court would reject (and did 2 years after ND passed the bill).  If SF3143 becomes Iowa law, women across the state will be calling lawyers to defend their constitutional right and the State of Iowa will be calling Saul, Attorney at Law, to defend this unconstitutional, beyond Breaking Bad bill.

Haven’t we wasted enough of Iowa taxpayer money on lawyers and lawsuits settling Iowa Republican sexual harassment settlements (1.75 million)?


While this bill will be a big employment BOOM for lawyers, there’s another less obvious consequence of this bill – a doctor desert in Iowa.  For this reason, several medical groups are lobbying against the bill.  This bill imposes criminal penalties on doctors that perform abortions.  The bill’s caveat that doctors will not be convicted and punished in cases of a “medical emergency” to save the life of the woman – is a LAWYERS DREAM.  Who knows what type of linguistic gymnastic tactics regarding the definition of “medical emergency” lawyers would use to prosecute and punish doctors.  I know if I were a medical doctor, I would be scared.  If this bill passes, doctors will leave Iowa and doctors will not want to come and practice in our state.  Furthermore, the University of Iowa could lose accreditation for its OB/GYN residency program.

So regardless of whether you’re a Republican or Democrat whether your’re “pro-birth” or “pro-choice”, get ready to literally pay for this bill.

This bill will waste tax payer dollars that could be used to actually create and promote an environment that supports life beyond birth and makes it easier for a woman to raise a child, such as making daycare affordable, paid maternity leave, equal pay for women, increasing the minimum wage, better healthcare…  legislation addressing these issues are actually “pro-life” bills.  But these are not the type of bills that Iowa R’s have introduced into legislation – this “Personhood” Bill, like many others, is simply “pro forced-birth” …

Ring… Ring…


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