Hinson Watch

As of July 1, 2017 (if SF-2 passes the House) women with Medicaid will no longer have the option of getting any health care coverage at Planned Parenthood. Therefore, women on Medicaid who get their Paps at PP should be scheduling their exams at the alternative “state-approved” clinics NOW!   Last month Ashley Hinson (R) indicated that she used PP when she first moved to Cedar Rapids because she couldn’t get into an OB/GYN for over a year. So how can she vote for a bill that she knows, based on her own experience, will leave thousands of Iowa women with no health care – just four months from now?  We must demand to see the “list” of the 221 clinics that Republicans say will be accepting Medicaid patients under their new state family services plan. One list, given to a reporter by a Republican Gynotician, had a Dental Office on it – Open Wide!!

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