Happy Mueller

On Friday, both Democrats and Republicans anxiously watched as reports came in that the Mueller report was about to drop. But it wasn’t until Monday that we got to see, well, something…

Trump’s lackey attorney general, William Barr, released his own 4-page bullshit cherry-picked “summary” of Mueller’s report, which unsurprisingly spun favorably in DJT’s direction. It left us with more questions than answers.

Despite the terse “summary” being a complete partisan farce shit show, it was a gut-punch for the Dems. One word describes the Dems that were able to endure watching, listening to, and/or reading the constant, painful, and punishing news coverage

Over on the Republican misinformation side of the story… it was “Happy no collusion day”. FAUX News gleefully celebrated and said the “summary” was complete vindication for The Donald. DJT himself boasted that Mueller’s Report completely exonerated him.

Meanwhile, “conversations” between Republicans and Democrats on Twitter be like…

I know the Democrats are frustrated with Mueller for, as far as we know now, not establishing whether Trump and his obsequious entourage conspired with the Russians or whether they obstructed justice. Let’s try to be patient and not let our emotions get out of hand…

Democrats and Republicans need to realize that Robert S. Mueller III is an expert at the game. It is more likely than not that he is making all of the right moves! He is a skillful genius who knows how to take down crime families, it’s what he does best.

So Democrats, in particular, need to chill the fuck out!!! As aggravating as it may be…
The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.” – Someone.

Ultimately, the full Mueller Report will come out and I think we will discover the true genius of Bob Mueller. We know he has evidence of crimes and he handed evidence to agencies where DJT doesn’t have the power to pardon. There are 17 other ongoing investigations!

The Republicans are feeling pretty cocky right now. They think they have won and are taking a victory lap.

Democrats – we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by their blathering bullshit!!!!





…and keep our eyes on the prize – 2020!