Good at fighting…

The mostly white and mostly male GOP and their Conservative media pundits have found a new Democrat woman to attack… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). They have a strange obsession with her and seem to hang on her every movement.

It’s as if they don’t know what to do with this young, attractive, Latina from the Bronx – who is now walking through the halls of congress. Their fragile male egos just can’t handle it. Some are calling it “AOC Derangement Syndrome”.

Both GOP congressmen and Conservative media have criticized her clothes, questioned her ability to afford her apartment, and called her petty childish names including “little girl” and “little simple person”.

Bullies Beware! AOC is a millenial social media maven that fights back when she’s attacked!! She knows what she’s doing. She leans into conflicts and CLAPS BACK!

For example, Conservative media tried to embarrass, devalue, and sexualize AOC by posting a video of her dancing in college. Some described her dancing as “writhing” on the ground.

Those people trying to distract AOC and others from the real issues that matter, looked like fools when other media started showing her video side-by-side with video of The Breakfast Club dance that she was re-enacting.

AOC also responded to the Conservatives’ attempt to publicly shame her for dancing with college friends on a rooftop. She posted a video of herself dancing into her congressional office for the first time. AOC showed the chauvinists she doesn’t friggin give a fuck what they think.

In addition to her ability to throw some creative shade, it just so happens that AOC is a great dancer! People loved both videos of her dancing and the number of her Twitter and Instagram followers exploded.

Ultimately, AOC – all at once, challenges white male Conservatives on their race, class, and gender hierarchies. She is a threat to the existence of the old guard male patriarchy. She is living in those misogynist motherfuckers minds rent free!

AOC – keep fighting back!