Fake Clickasm


Fake Clickasm – noun
The pleasure you feel when you click on a fake news story with a sensational ending. 

Both the Right and the Left are guilty of putting out political porn on the internet.

The creators of these fake news stories are masters at linksturbating – possibly to stimulate their side, to excite the other side, or to just get their rocks-off
(i.e. a bored middle-aged dad trying to make some extra cash) .

There are many ways of faking it, such as setting up a website that sounds authentic (NationalReport.net) or one that looks like a legitimate media outlet (USAtoday.com.co). The problem is, if you’re constantly going down the dark, deep state, fake news rabbit hole – you’re not using the right head.

When reading or watching these titillating stories, we need to do some critical thinking and ask the following questions: where did the story come from and what’s the evidence? Two really good sources for checking on whether a story is fact or fiction is PolitiFact or Snopes. There are also websites that give advice on what constitutes a quality website.

Then there’s the political Soft Porn Industry….

There are news media outlets (television, newspaper, magazine, and internet) that have political slants/leanings and take more of a “fooling-around” approach. Their advances might not lead to instant gratification but, if you like what they’re saying, you’re going to keep coming back for more. This is the fifty shades of grey confirmation bias rabbit hole where “what you see is what you expect”.  Here is one perspective on how news outlets lean: left/neutral/right.


Some news outlets are calling the diagram above “a fake news news chart”, regardless of the slanting on the slanting, it’s a start.

Moral of the Story:
don’t go 


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