This week the Conservative male judges on SCOTUS went DEFCON Fuck-You to women’s reproductive rights….

these dicks struck down a California law on anti-abortion centers “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs)

The California law required CPCs that counsel women against abortion to notify women of all their legal options, including abortion.  Five of the six men on SCOTUS said this violated the free speech rights of these Christian-based facilities.

So what are CPCs?
They are often religious non-profit clinics with the
goal of persuading women out of terminating a
pregnancy.  They set-up close to clinics that provide abortions and try to look like these clinics to prey on women and trick them into thinking that they’re entering a medical clinic (many have the word “Choice” in the name).  They provide pregnant women with lies regarding abortion and women’s health such as: 35% of suicidal behaviors may be attributable to abortion and that abortion
doubles the chance of getting breast cancer.  The CPCs do not provide abortions and try to emotionally manipulate women into having an unwanted pregnancy.  They also do not give women access to birth control and tells them condoms don’t prevent pregnancies.

Ultimately, these centers try to coerce women to
have a child that most of them can’t afford.  Once the child is born- the mom and child can fuck off!  The real purpose of CPCs comes straight from the mouth of Abby Johnson at an annual CPC conference where she said the following: “If I were to open a pregnancy center, I would not have pregnancy items past six months.  Are we running a charity? Are we running a place where we want
women to become self-sufficient?” Self-sufficient, right?
Have maternity clothes, have those things available
for the women while they’re pregnant, but cut them off.

Jon Oliver wonderfully summarizes the hypocrisy: So essentially what the CPCs are saying is….we’re just not in the position where we can take care of a baby forever.  We don’t have the time or the resources so we’re choosing not to make that commitment right now…


The irony is this:
if you don’t want women to have abortions
you should be dishing out birth control and condoms
like they’re candy.  NOT PREVENTING ACCESS!

The reality is this:
the real goal of CPCs is
to control women’s sexuality and sexual behaviors
and make them figuratively and literally
“pay” for their “sins”.

SCOTUS Justice Kennedy announced his retirement

While this was somewhat expected…
the announcement was still alarming.
Anthony Kennedy is a conservative SCOTUS judge but sometimes sides with the liberal judges on social issues such as abortion and LGBTQ rights.  The fear is that 45 will appoint a judge that will be the deciding vote to overturn the 45-year old Roe V Wade decision,
which makes abortion legal.

Ultimately, just having the discussion of the possibility of Roe V Wade being overturned could be very bad for the Republicans.

Women don’t want to go backwards!
Men, with the discovery of DNA –
(in the words of Maury Povich) –
“You are the father”…
Now, you can go tell your wife
about your pregnant mistress and
start paying some child support.
Even cheating Republican “pro-life” men want their mistresses to have access to abortions.

On their stances on abortion…
Repubs may end-up being hoisted by their own petard.