Dangle Angle?

Angle of the Dangle (or Nub Theory) is the non-scientific attempt to determine gender of a fetus before 15 weeks.  Both males and females start with a genital nub.  As the nub grows the angle begins to differ and an ultrasound profile view of a female shows a nub at < 30 degree angle and a male at > 30 degrees.
Our reproductive organs start out the same but the
male Y chromosome generates testosterone and makes
things grow and fall. 
In males, the nub grows into a penis.  For females, the nub pretty-much stays the same and becomes the clitoris.  Testosterone also directs the gonads to descend down the inguinal canal and become balls.  For females, the gonads pretty-much stay put – and become the ovaries.

Recently, in the Iowa legislature, the mostly > 30 degree Republican male nubs got huge voter boners when they passed Senate File 356 into law, which bans abortions if a fetal “heartbeat” is detected (around 6 weeks).

Many forced-birthers celebrated the passing of the
fetal “heartbeat” bill into law.  At one celebration, according to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, the motivations behind the bill were very personal for one gentleman at the dinner.  As a teenager he impregnated his girlfriend (now wife) and persuaded her to have an abortion and regrets it.  He doesn’t want any other man to go through the same pain and
guilt that has never left him…


  WTF!!!  SRSLY??



A BleedingHeartland article poignantly points out the hypocrisy: “The gentleman in Dubuque is so upset that he told a woman what to do (when he had no business doing so), that he now feels compelled to tell all women what to do. All because of how it made him feel then and how it makes him feel now.”

It’s not as if the Rebublican Mansplainers have waved a trans-vaginal wand and pussy-poof  – SF356 is enforceable.  The law, ironically, is “unenforceable” because it’s going to the Iowa State Courts and the Repub Nubs realize that they have a tough legal road ahead (see my Better Call Saul blog).

So what’s their angle?  Well… it’s a dangle …  They’re hoping that if they dangle this out in the Iowa Courts, it will eventually go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and ultimately result in overturning of the 1973 Roe V Wade decision.

However, this tip of the dickberg calculation could become their Titanic…

As described in another BleedingHeartland article, their efforts could backfire and actually result in less-restrictive abortion policies than what are currently being enforced in Iowa.  The author writes: “The big question is not whether Senate File 359 will be struck down.  It’s whether the Iowa Supreme Court will find while doing so that our state constitution protects a woman’s right to seek an abortion.”

For this exact reason – the Catholic Church is neutral on the “heartbeat” bill.  According to Tom Chapman, executive director of the Iowa Catholic Conference, “We should consider the unintended, long-term consequences that could result from our court finding a robust right to an abortion in our state Constitution, which could result in the elimination of some of the
limitations we already have in Iowa.”

Last week – the legal battle began….

Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Iowa City-based Emma Goldman Clinic filed a lawsuit against Governor Reynolds and the State of Iowa.  There are so many real-life problems with the “fetal heartbeat” bill and this new lawsuit points them out.  Here’s just a few:

  • The law expressly does not allow a woman to access an abortion she needs because of “psychological conditions, emotional conditions, familial conditions, or the woman’s age” even though the health—and even the life—of some women is at risk for those very reasons.
    As just one example: some psychiatric medication is harmful during pregnancy, putting those women in the position of choosing to continue medically necessary mental health care and risking harm to a pregnancy, or go without the care they need.
  • The vague exception for a diagnosis that the fetus has a condition that is “incompatible with life” also puts doctors in an impossible position of balancing the health and well-being of their patient with the uncertainty of medical prognosis and the risk of losing their license.
  • The law’s exception for rape and incest requires that women report it to law enforcement or certain medical professionals within 45 days. That narrow definition and tight time frame rules out those women who became pregnant under conditions that may be, but are not clearly, incest or rape (and rape is not even defined anywhere in the Iowa Code). Also, it blithely ignores the real-life circumstances of many victims who are too ashamed or traumatized to report the incest or rape at all—let alone within the narrow time frame.

Ultimately, the Iowa Repub Nubs’ court dangle of the fetal “heartbeat” bill could end-up being a huge dick-punch for them.

In the words (sort-of) of my favorite Silicon Valley character, Gilfoyle…

Iowa Republican Legislators….you can CHORTLE MY NON-DESCENDED BALLS!

Silicon Valley’s algorithm is solid!

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