Comedic Soup for the Soul

That astronaut was me the morning after the election and the despair lasted for months. I started to seek help and it didn’t take long for me to find therapists who knew what I was going through and were helping me work through it. So a big thank you to the following: Trevor, Stephen, the Jimmy’s, John, Samantha, Seth, James, and Conan. While shining a spotlight on both the silliness and the seriousness of it all, you made me laugh.  By feeding my soul with warm soup bowls of laughter, you have made me feel better.

Yes, I am deeply troubled and extremely concerned about our future – and those two things are enough to drive me to take action. I don’t have to be angry or hostile while steadfastly defending my values of tolerance, inclusion, and fairness. Ultimately – I’m a virgin political activist, trying to find humor, in order to mentally be able to continue to fight for women’s rights, racial equality, sexual rights, a clean climate, and economic justice.  I do get angry but I cannot exist on anger – so I may have to become a laughtivist?  (I know, that was as bad as the space bar)

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