The election of Agent Orange has resulted in an inner political awakening. I’ve been on a political learning journey ever since…

I like to write so I started this blog (January 2017).  I started a Twitter account for the sole purpose of being part of  #TheResistance. There is a lot of wit on the twit.

Initially, the plan was to focus on women’s issues and many of my early blog posts are about women’s rights, in particular, abortion. While I continue to follow the batshit crazy Vagislation being introduced and passed by Repugnants who want to take us back to 1950, I also Blog about the fucking INSANE policies and antics of Trumplethinskin and his inept/corrupt grifters. THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!!

I do frequently disengage from politics and find a way to relax.  I’ve been watching a lot of movies and shows that make me laugh.  This resulted (devolved?) into my current blogging style.  I’m calling it…
Satirical #PoliGIFing:
entertainment through GIFing politics.

Blogging/PoliGIFing has become my mental therapy.  It gives me a creative way to SCREAM INTO THE VOID.  I think I may have one person that reads my musings.  – love you babe!