I’m a mom who lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I have never been a political activist. I somewhat followed national politics and rarely followed local politics. I am also one of the semi-aloof Democrats that never voted in midterm elections.

The combination of the election of 45 and the Republican majority in the Iowa Congress has resulted in an inner political activist awakening.

As a Virgin activist, I didn’t know where to start on this new adventure. Then I read the Indivisible Guide and joined a local Indivisible Group.  It made me want to become – politically active.

Go Hawks!

Shortly after the election, I created this website.  Initially, my goal was to track the anti-vagislation being proposed in the Iowa Congress and in the U.S. Congress. I also created it to blog my thoughts.

Throughout the past year, my purpose and tone have transformed from following legislation with outrage to focusing more broadly on women’s issues with my sense of “humor” (a lot of awful alliteration, poor pussy puns, and lazy word play).  This change in approach is mostly so I stay sane and healthy (see my Bleeding Heart Blog).

Another reason for this change is all of the women coming forward to tell  their stories about being verbally and/or physically sexually harassed and/or assaulted.  Due to the courage of a few brave women who were not afraid to speak truth to power, many women and men are no longer afraid to talk about their own horrific experiences of being sexually harassed.

Women are more than 50% of the population.
We need to find, to know, and to show our power!

For me, this website is a stream of consciousness and an emotional and creative outlet.  It’s my secret online private public diary :-).   I want to thank my blog followers (a.k.a. a few of my liberal friends and family members) for joining me in my political learning journey over the past year.

My e-mail: Traci@theVparty.com.






Note to self: start taking selfies or start having people take
normal pictures of just you.