The election of Agent Orange has resulted in an inner political awakening. I’ve been on a political learning journey ever since…

I like to write so I started this blog (January 2017).  I started a Twitter account for the sole purpose of being part of  #The Resistance. There is a lot of wit on the twit. I also started swearing a fucking lot!

Another change – I recently deleted my Facebook account. I was disgusted by the shady shit that they did and allowed to happen. Also, I’m originally from Northwest Iowa and watching some of my relatives and my old friends support and defend Baby Donald and that other fucking racist asshole, Steve King, was infuriating. My blood pressure thanks me.

I do frequently disengage from politics and find a way to relax.  I’ve been watching a lot of movies and shows that make me laugh.  This resulted (devolved?) into my current blogging style.  I’m calling it… Satirical “PoliGIFing”: entertainment through GIFing politics.  Due to the blog format, they are best read on computers/laptops for the optimal viewing experience.

Blogging is my therapy.  It gives me a creative outlet and a way to vent.  I think I may have one person that reads my musings.  – I love you babe!