Abby who? – Abby Normal

(that jar was shattered)…


President Fronkonsteen claims he is a
“very smart and stable genius” and that he only hires “the best people.”  Spoiler alert… He’s not and he did not.  No one in their right Hans Delbruck-brain wants to work for President Psycho.  The only ones who will work for this president are…

the Abby Normals*…
*Note: if you haven’t seen the movie,
stop reading and watch the clip at the end of the blog.

By his own creation… the White House has come ALIVE with reanimated, Abby-Normal-brained sycophants.  The White House is one GIANT Monstrosity!

President Clockwork Orange’s White
House is a revolving door!  He didn’t pick people with brains for jobs in the WH – he picked a bunch of mindless minions!  As the WH door started to hit a lot of the ass-kissers,  the morons that still wanted in the Morally Atrocious Grifters Abound
club – knew what they needed to do…
just say “nice things” about the president.

President Tiny Schwanzstucker loves
the praise and adoration that he gets from his obsequious lackeys.  He welcomes them into the White House with open arms. Then he gently coaxes them into signing a silly, little Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which makes them pinky-swear 
that they will never, ever, ever, say anything bad about Big Pappa… including post- America destruction.  President Con Artist also requires that his yes-men and yes-women participate in a special dance, which is a slick rendition of – “Putin and the Prez!”

So what does dancing with the devil look like?
So far, it’s pretty depressing to watch.
I’m seeing four different dance moves:

Dance Move 1 – The Stick: They are in denial that The Mango Mussolini is one huge self-inflicted wound and they are sticking with him!  (This move is painful to watch!)
Result: their reputation is destroyed and they probably  won’t have a lot of career options post-Dictator.
Examples: Jarkvanka, Sara Huckabee-Sanders, and Kellyanne Conway


Dance Move 2 – The Roll: They are in
agony every day and night because they
are awake to the reality that the White House is a shit-show… but they choose to stay anyway. (This move requires severe contortion)
Result: a lot of self-loathing and rough, sleepless nights…  Oh, and the death of
their post-WH career.
Examples: General Kelly and General Pompeo


Dance Move 3 – The Boogie: They realize that the White House is full of corrupt grifters who are only looking-out for themselves. So they leave on their OWN terms and Boot Scootin Boogie the fuck out of there. (this is a solo dance move to the song of “All by Myself”)
Result: He got to keep a little dignity.
Example: Gary Cohen


Dance Move 4 – The Forced-Hand Fling: Either the WH no longer wants the Useful Idiots around anymore so they get fired – or their JIG IS UP (busted in some sort of scandal) and the WH is forced (reluctantly or happily) to fire them. (This dance move can get ugly)
Result: Someone like General Kelly has a
“sit-down”… then thanks them for their service… then forcefully flings them over Transylvania Avenue.
Examples: Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Rex Tillerson, AND...

It’s pronounced O-marosa!



Agent Orange and The O go way, way, back.  She’s been on “The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice” three times and was generally portrayed as the  “villain”.  Now that she’s no longer in the White House, she dancing the Bullshit Backslide and admitting that she sold her soul to the devil. She wrote a “Tell-All” book and she’s going on a Dance Marathon media blitz to get us to buy her Mea Crappa!

Before being flung out to dry, Omarosa had a huge hump-on for, in her words, “the most powerful man in the universe” but now she’s become one of the “critics” that she previously said would have to “bow down” to him.

A lot of the former Prez-Pleaser’s attack is “No Shit Sherlock” stuff! There is  a tape (she heard it) of our dear Racist Leader saying the “N” word. Also that President Lies-A-Lot knew about the Russian meeting at Trump Tower before it happened.  

Of course Rumplethinskin fights Omarosa’s allegations the only way he knows how… calling her names!  No, I’m not  – but what are you?  Omarosa you are a “lowlife” and a “dog”.  Omarosa’s book got one thing right…  the Boy King is UNHINGED.

The difference between Omarosa and the other disgruntled “You’re Fired” WH minions is that she knows the game, she’s prepared. Every time they call her a liar… she releases a secretly recorded tape.  “Lordy”, “Lordy” there are tapes!

If President Mad Hatter needed confirmation from the MGM Chairman, Mark Burnett, that there are no “Apprentice” tapes of him saying the “N” word…

He should be very worried
that things are going to get much worse!


We are living in Abby Normal times… I’m sure of it!