Schrodinger’s Cat: Is a thought experiment devised by physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935 to present a scenario to describe quantum superposition.  In the example, essentially, there is a cat in a
If you don’t think there’s any connection between the Trump administration and the Russians, you must be living in a cave or watching Fox News… I watch several news organizations,
Iowa Republicans have successfully passed a “Personhood” Bill out of the Senate, which essentially bans abortion (around six weeks – a women might not even know she’s pregnant) and punishes
I’ve been thinking about the #MeToo movement a lot. I think the movement is wonderful and it is long overdue. However, I worry about society overcorrecting. There are extreme forms of sexual harassment
I have blogger’s block.  I can’t seem to write anything…. Recently, I decided to withdraw from misery marathon watching the DC island of misfit R’s.  Instead, I’m indulging in self-pleasure
I’m not like most people who lose sleep, overeat, or get high blood pressure when they are stressed, nope, I get horrible acne.  About a month ago, I started to look
First of all, the fact that Blum would post any graphics regarding TAXES when 9 X 5 will not release his is INSANITY! Three of the graphics that Blum presented
There are Fun Facts.  Then there’s having “fun” with the facts (i.e. lying or alternative facts). These last few days, the House of horro-Rs have been using IOWA as an
Let the heathens spill theirs on the dusty ground.   God shall make them pay for each sperm that can’t be found. – Monty Python’s, The Meaning of Life Republican’s recently
Iowa Republican Senators recently passed SF 471, which bans abortions after 20 weeks.  Championing the bill is Senator Shannon Lundgren, a freshman legislator from Dubuque.  During “debate”, a congressman asked Lundgren whether the bill would
Seven years to plan “Repeal and Replace”, more than 50 attempts to repeal, current control of the House, the Senate, and the White House – Now Ryan says Obamacare “is The voters have spoken and Iowa’s Extreme 16 has been chosen. Steve King: the top vote-getter by far, Congressman King has repeatedly embarrassed himself and Iowans with bigoted comments.

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