In addition to the Repub politicians, I’ve also been very critical of the following types of Republicans:  the religious zealots and the racist alt-right.  However, I haven’t said much about
“He rode a blazing saddle… he conquered fear and he conquered hate… he made his blazing saddle a torch to light the way… and Bart was his name…”   Note:
Are we at a turning point?  Let’s image that the currently in-power U.S./Iowa Republican executive and legislative branchs’ policies and laws  were sustained for hundreds of years into the future…. could
To balance out the depressing firehose of shit that’s spewing out of the current White House, I often disengage and watch new and old shows/movies that will, or have previously,
This week the Conservative male judges on SCOTUS went DEFCON Fuck-You to women’s reproductive rights…. The FIRST FU: these dicks struck down a California law on anti-abortion centers “crisis pregnancy
Angle of the Dangle (or Nub Theory) is the non-scientific attempt to determine gender of a fetus before 15 weeks.  Both males and females start with a genital nub.  As
Schrodinger’s Cat: Is a thought experiment devised by physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935 to present a scenario to describe quantum superposition.  In the example, essentially, there is a cat in a
If you don’t think there’s any connection between the Trump administration and the Russians, you must be living in a cave or watching Fox News… I watch several news organizations,
Iowa Republicans have successfully passed a “Personhood” Bill out of the Senate, which essentially bans abortion (around six weeks – a women might not even know she’s pregnant) and punishes
I’ve been thinking about the #MeToo movement a lot. I think the movement is wonderful and it is long overdue. However, I worry about society overcorrecting. There are extreme forms of sexual harassment
I have blogger’s block.  I can’t seem to write anything…. Recently, I decided to withdraw from misery marathon watching the DC island of misfit R’s.  Instead, I’m indulging in self-pleasure
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I’m not like most people who lose sleep, overeat, or get high blood pressure when they are stressed, nope, I get horrible acne.  About a month ago, I started to look

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